RaDaR Recruitment Guide

This page is intended for Renal Unit staff who need to add patients to RaDaR.

  • Before you start

    Check …

      • The Inclusion-Exclusion Criteria for the disease in question
      • That whoever is to enter the data into RaDaR knows the patient’s NHS/CHI number and their diagnosis. A table showing which cohort to enter each diagnosis under on the new version of RaDaR can be found here.
      • If you have Patient View (PV) at your site you must get the patient added to PV and enable PV extraction on their renal system record to ensure that the data flows into RaDaR.
  • How to add a patient to RaDaR

RaDaR Recruitment Guide Version 4 Updated October 2017
Written by the RareRenal.org Operational Management Board